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Bluefin is the super trophee fish. This fishing style is comparable to a mechanical sport you don't have the right to fail. Thanks to the quotas put in place and the drastic regulation, it is back in force for our greatest pleasure. From June 16 (date of the opening of the no-kill fishery in France), we can hope to get back to these formulas 1 of the seas.

Two possibilities to take advantage of the promotional offer :

The blanks are discounted at -25%. Everyone is free to choose the parts, grips, guides, and so on.
The complete packs (blank, handle, rings) that we have created for you are discounted at -20%

We mainly fish in 2 ways. Live, or lure. For that, we made you a selection of blanks and complete packs.
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Lure :
The goal is to launch lures (popper, stickbait, casting jig, ...) in chase, birdpiles. That is to say in groups of tuna in activwith good casting abilities to reach the chases but powerfull enough to shorten the fight.

We picked up 9 blanks :
BP76200 50 Lbd, 2,29 m
BP86200 50 Lbs, 2,59m
1975 Deck Hand Special below 50 Lbs, 2,43m
RTP80MH-CG 60 Lbs, 2,43m
Tuna express R710 For tuna 15-80 Kils, in 60-80 Lbs line, 2,43 m.
BP86400 80Lbs, 2,59m
RTP80H-CG biggest fishes, 100 Lbs+, 2,43 m
BP86600 10Lbs, 2,59m
RCJB10H 100 Lbs, 3,05m

Full packs availables :
Pack Tuna express R710
Pack RTP80H-CG
(115.91 Kio) Téléchargé 651 fois
(115.91 Kio) Téléchargé 651 fois
Livebait :

The rods are shorter, because you don't need to cast, and need better leverage.
You can fish bluefin tunas with livebait in spinning, or casting (trolling). And for trolling, with unibutts straight, or curved.

We picked up for the job 15 blanks :
Pack RTP80H-CG : 1,08 m blank 50 Lbs IGFA
STUB80-GB : 1,08 m blank 80 Lbs IGFA
AXST56XHS : 1,23m, 80 Lbs
AXST56XXHS : 1,23m, 130 Lbs
695x250x65-GB : 1,65 m ,130 Lbs, fiberglass
RCTB56H-CG : 1,68m, 80 Lbs
FSU56XXH-GB : 1,68m, 100 Lbs
RCTB56XXH : 1,68m, 130 Lbs
FSU60XH-GB : 1,82m, 80 Lbs
695x220x72-GB : 1,83m, 100 Lbs, Fiberglass
RCTB66H-CG : 1,98m, 80 Lbs
RCTB 66 XXH : 1,98m, 130 Lbs
RCTB70XXH-CG : 2,13m, 50-130Lbs, the best seller for big bluefin in Brittany
RCTB70XXXH-CG : 2,13m, 80-130Lbs
RCTB70XXXXH-CG : 2,13, No limit class.

Full packs availables :

STUB50-GB : Trolling, straight
STUB80-GB : Trolling, curved
AXST56XXHS : Trolling, straight
FSU56XXH-GB : Trolling, straight
FSU60XH-GB : Trolling, straight
RCTB70XXH-CG : Spinning