Serie LRV

Serie LRV rings from FUJI

A partire da 13,25 €IVA inc.

Unibutt Maxel

Unibutt Maxel Carbon

A partire da 225,00 €IVA inc.

Grezzo CS725-MHX

6' (1.82m)


87,60 €IVA inc.

Grezzo CS723-MHX

6' (1.82m)


72,90 €IVA inc.

Grezzo CS722-MHX

6' (1.82m)


67,80 €IVA inc.

ALPS Rubber Gimbal

4,45 €IVA inc.

Grezzo BR3-700MH-3-B

7" (2.13m)


171,35 €IVA inc.

Grezzo REVF 662-2 SB

6'6"  2 pcs soie #2

82,46 €IVA inc.

Rodhouse caps

Rodhouse caps with embroidered logo

Fly classy rodbuilders colors in style with these Rodhouse caps available in 3 colors !

15,55 €IVA inc.

Grezzo RCKJB606-325

30/60 lbs  8-15oz (225-425grs)

112,55 €IVA inc.

Grezzo REVHS76L-SB

7'6 (2.29m)



121,70 €IVA inc.

Grezzo REVCB76M-SB

7'6 (2.29m)


82,75 €IVA inc.

Slim Eva Straight / Tapered Grip RHE

Slim Tapered EVA EXO handle with straight inner hole

6,60 €IVA inc.

Slim Eva Straight Grip RHE

Slim Eva straight grips for Exo

6,35 €IVA inc.

Generation 4 Low Build

Gen 4 Low build resin

A partire da 23,80 €IVA inc.

Generation 4 High Build

Gen 4 High build resin

A partire da 23,80 €IVA inc.

Grezzo LMX FAF763-4

7'6   4 pcs    soie #3

150,00 €IVA inc.