Pigmento di marmorizzazione CRB (1oz)

Marbling Pigment

Pigments pour Marbling :

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  • Our CRB Marbling Pigment Kit can be used for tinting, marbling and any other coloring projects using Rod Finish.
  • Now available in 9 highly concentrated pigments: black, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, green, light blue and violet.
  • These 9 basic colors will let you mix & match to create virtually any color you can imagine.
  • The opacity is based on concentration and can range from transparent to 100% opaque
  • The coloring agent is highly concentrated. Use small amounts when mixing.
  • For larger batches or multiple same color projects, mix coloring agent as directed, store mixed amount and then add second component of rod finish in the amount you need to finish projects on at a time.