LMX F590-4

9'   4 pcs    soie #5 Gamma Alpha

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Caratteristiche del prodotto

longueur 9'-274cm
Model LMX F590-4
Pcs 4
Line #5
Tip 4
Peso 46g


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Action Moderate

Tip : 4(1.6mm)

butt : 9.89mm

Poids : 46 grs

 Type anneau de scion conseillé : XTCHFT 4
Pour un montage complet se référer à la rubrique accessoires


mesures de ce blank au pied à coulisse, en mm, tous les 5 cm en partant du talon
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
NFC FLY F590-4 9.49 9.30 9.07 8.84 8.60 8.36 8.14 7.92 7.68 7.44



That new series of fly blanks was born after several years of R&D and testing by Gary Loomis’ team at North Fork Composites. They were torture tested on such demanding playgrounds as Patagonia and Christmas Island.

Those new NFC blanks are fast, but they’re not stiff. They have that little extra something that is found on Gary’s spinning blanks : high performance, high-end blanks that are easy to fish, both when casting and fighting.

When we tested them, we immediately loved the lightweight feeling and extreme precision, without having to fight the rod. Whatever the distance you need to reach, it’s always easy.

Long story short, those new North Fork Composites blanks will let YOU take command and make the rod do exactly what you want it to. And that’s typical of Gary’s designs.  



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Pack Fly #4-6 Recoil

Soie 4-6wt

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