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1 x Lampe à Alcool

  • Alcohol torch for low heat flame
  • Needle point allows for pinpoint accuracy


1 x pinceau8

1 x pinceau8

1 x vernis FlexCoat standard

Flex Coat Ultra V Rod Finish

2oz - 8oz- 32oz

1 x crayonblanc

White China Marker


1 x Moteur 15 tr/min 220 V

Moteur pour tour à vernis

1 x TUFF GLUE 250

Slow cure Epoxy

250 ML

1 x Coupes à mélange en plastique

plastics mixing cups , perfect for mixing epoxy

sold by ten pcs

1 x Adhésif de masquage

Masking tape 0.25'

6.3 mm

1 x Brunissoir

Thread burnishing tool

75,04 €

Disponibile entro 24 a 48 ore

Spedizione per questo prodotto : 7,50 € TTC

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1 xTuff Glue 
1 xFinishing Brush (3mm)
1 xFinishing Brush(6mm)
1 xFlexCoat High Build
1 xpeel-off White China Marker
10 xMixing cups
1 xmasking tape
1 xBurnishing tool
1 xAlcohol torch
1 x220v motor

The "pack box" image used as product image is a non contractual figurative view, the items listed above are delivered without "box packaging"

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Confezione Start

Confezione Start

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Pack content

Model longueur Pcs Action Line Lure (Grs) Lure (Oz- factory) Butt Tip Color Peso Width Depth Weight Lunghezza Height View