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RECOIL single foot guides for light duty / freshwater use

Spinning, Casting & Fly

Nickel titanium alloy.

Available from size 1 to 6

Size OD of Ring
1 5.50mm
2 6.68mm
3 7.06mm
4 7.60mm
5 7.99mm
6 8.93mm

RECOIL GUIDES® (US PATENT #6,612,065) are made from a special nickel titanium alloy with unique physical properties which provide exciting new possibilities for rod designers worldwide. Until now, rod guides have been plated or have used ceramic inserts to provide wear resistance. RECOIL guides are made from an extremely hard but flexible "Shape Memory" alloy, which does not require plating, cannot corrode in any environment, and returns to its original shape after repeated deformations. RECOIL guides are available in Fly, Spinning and Casting configurations.

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RSF Guides

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