Ramon's Rods

"Built with passion, in pursuit of perfection"


As the slogan suggests, all of my rods are made with passion whilst pursuing perfection in all aspects of Rodbuilding.

Everyday I am striving for a better finish on my rods, trying new things to test the limits of rod performance and to privide a better service for my clients to make the overall experience as enjoyable as I possibly can.


I try to learn everything I can about rods, fishing and fish, so that I can advise my clients to the best of my abilities from both a fisherman's and a rodbuilders perspective.

This way I can pick up on the subtle details in the stories of my clients when they talk about what they want from their dream rod.

A "perfect" rod is different for everybody and the small details can really make a big difference when it comes to the finished product.


My speciality is rod performance.

Ofcourse a custom high-end rod should be beautiful, but what is most important (to me) first and foremost, is the perfomance of the rod.

If you really like how a certain rod performs, you will be very likely to pick up that rod first, everytime.


In my workshop I built anything from a Ultralight/BFS rod, to Surfcasting rods and everything in between.

So whether you are looking for a Flyrod, a Feeder rod, a Seabass rod, a Carp rod, a Predator rod, a Jigging rod or even a Tuna/Gt rod, I can definitly help you with that!


If you have any questions about a certain rod/project, options, pricing etc.

Please contact me through my website, email, phone number or any of my social media outlets.

I will be happy to help!


Tight lines and custom rods,

Ramón Magallón Pradilla

Owner of Ramon's Rods

Ramon's Rods

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