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Blanks. 4C68MF




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St Croix 4C68MF





10-17 Lbs

Puissance constructeur : 1/4-5/8 Oz

Puissance constatée :7-17grs

Section de Butt : 0.445( 11.73mm)

Section de Tip :5.5  ( 2.2mm)

Poids :1.9oz  54grs

Type anneau de scion conseillé :4.5-2.2
Pour un montage complet se référer à la rubrique accessoires

Finition : Gloss Cobalt Blue Pearl

mesures de ce blank au pied à coulisse, en mm, tous les 5 cm en partant du talon
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
4C68MF 11.29 11.22 11.17 11.12 11.08 11 10.86 10.74 10.54 10.35

  Equivalent  ST.CROIX Rod Model : TBC68MF


Exceptional, high-modulus/high-strain graphite fiber featuring FRS. Similar to SCV, but without the carbon-matte scrim.

Produces extremely light and sensitive rods. Not quite to the level of SCV, but very close. Ideal for the angler who insists on fishing only with top-grade rods.

Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) Technology

Developed exclusively by St. Croix, Integrated Poly Curve®(IPC®) tooling technology has rapidly become the engineering leader in rodmaking. Designed to eliminate all transitional points in the rod blank, IPC-engineered rods feature smoother actions, increased strength and greater sensitivity.

Advanced ReinforcingTechnology™ (ART™)

Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™) is an exotic carbon fiber material that adds a magnitude (10X) of strength with virtually no increase in blank diameter or weight. ART significantly improves the hoop strength of the blank by preventing it from deformingor “ovaling” under a severe load, such as a powerful hook set. ART is also a critical part of our slim-profile ferrule design.

Fortified Resin System

Introduced in 2013, St. Croix has broken new ground in premium rod manufacturing technology with the development of ou rFortified Resin System (FRS), which combines a fortified super resin with new computer operated curing ovens that provide improved temperature and time management through all stages
of the curing cycle. FRS prevents microbuckling by keeping the carbon fibers in proper alignment. Blanks manufactured using this advanced manufacturing protocol test out consistently to be 33% stronger than those built with standard resins and curing methods. Blank series manufactured with FRS include
SCV Sinning, Casting and Fly and SCIV Spinning Casting and Surf.


  • Modèle 4C68MF
  • longueur 6'8-203cm
  • Pcs 1
  • Action F
  • Line 10-17
  • Lure (Oz- factory) 1/4-5/8
  • Lure (Grs-Rodhouse) 7-17g
  • Butt 0.445
  • Tip 5.5
  • Finition Gloss Cobalt Blue Pearl
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Bar - Jerkbait

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