Salt water baitcasting reel

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Salt water baitcasting reel

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Y'all have some insight on the H2O Maniac baitcaster? Any other saltwater reels under $100 y'all recommend. Loved my Curado until she died but hate to replace at that price tag. Bought a few H2O Mettle you can find them here deals a few years back that were worthless. Reels are changing every year.
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Re: Salt water baitcasting reel

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sorry but under 100$ I think it will be difficult to find reliable reel in the time.

They suffer much more than in freshwater.

I use only Daiwa reel and they are reliable but the price is more than 100$

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Re: Salt water baitcasting reel

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Salt is the enemy, even rinsing properly, at the risk of ending up with a problem.
I chose Daiwa reels, if possible with CRB bearings, without going too high in price. (~ € 150).