Which reel you're using?

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Which reel you're using?

Message par MardukFIN »

Hi! I'm quite new face on this forum. I posted this oen here, cause cannot speak french so:

One thing i've wondered, how much (central)European angles using spinning reels. I used to fish with spinning reels couple year ago, but when i got my first high end baitcaster (Shimano Antares DC) i'm never gonna back spinning reel again!

I love to fish with baitcaster. Even with lures below 5g. Those are much lighter than spinning reels. (Aldebaran 51HG 134g w/o line) Sensitivity of lure is nice when line comes straight into your palm. Also rods are lighter due smaller rings.

At this time i have Steez EX 100HSL, Steez 103H, Aldebaran 51HG, Curado 200E7, Daiwa TD-Z BBS and 13 Fishing Concept C. Also Okuma Kodomo 364 for pike. One spinning reel is for testing rods. My son is using it mainly. Okuma Inspira 20.

Here in Finland were also much spinning reel users, but many have "turned" to baitcaster, cause theres much better rods and options for baitcaster aswell.
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Re: Which reel you're using?

Message par pierre33 »

Baitcaster for me, steez 103hl, t3 jdm, zillion shl, tatulas , alpha.... yes, daiwa adict :lol:
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Re: Which reel you're using?

Message par Matthieu SBA »

Hey! Now i'm using two spinning Daiwa Luvias 2510peh and 3012h. Really light and great price, i'm really happy with it!

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Re: Which reel you're using?

Message par lesfilmu »

For me it's both, depending of the fishing technic. No preference, the best (for me) from both worlds ;)
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Re: Which reel you're using?

Message par Dino »

Hi !

I fell in love with the old Daiwas for all my fishing. Daiwa SS Tournament, Whiskers etc... in all their sizes
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