Grip for IPS 16

Short grip for IPS 16

5,60 €IVA incluido

Grip largo para IPS 16

Long grip for IPS 16

16,00 €IVA incluido

Cork grip for VSS

Grip for reel seat VSS16/17

4,50 €IVA incluido

Grip largo de EVA para VSS

Grip largo de EVA para VSS 16 and 17

7,75 €IVA incluido

Rear Grip Catsing RRG

Rear Grip for reel seat Casting 

1,90 €IVA incluido

Grip long Casting RRG400

16,00 €IVA incluido

Rear Grip GCR105-6

2,30 €IVA incluido


Handle element for DPS16

1,50 €IVA incluido

SLJ Rear Grip

EVA grip for slow jig rod

4,60 €IVA incluido


Long grip EVA

11,40 €IVA incluido



16,00 €IVA incluido

Cork Rear Grip Trout

Cork Rear Grip Trout

14,90 €IVA incluido

Carbon Grip IPS16

Carbon Grip IPS16

17,40 €IVA incluido

Carbon Long Grip IPS16

Long Grip in Carbon for IPS16

45,30 €IVA incluido

Carbon Grip VSS16

Carbon Grip VSS16

17,05 €IVA incluido

Carbon Long Grip VSS16

Long grip carbon for VSS16

45,30 €IVA incluido

Carbon Rear Grip Casting

Carbon Rear Grip Casting

15,60 €IVA incluido

Carbon Grip for Skeleton Fuji 16

14,60 €IVA incluido

G2 Reel Seat

Rear grip EVA for PM Wave 16

3,50 €IVA incluido


Rear grip for reel seat casting

2,40 €IVA incluido

Grip for DAGGER

3,84 €IVA incluido

Toc Handle 350

 handle cork

24,90 €IVA incluido

ABS Monocoque Grip

8,90 €IVA incluido

Monocoque Grip Snake Finish

8,90 €IVA incluido

colored EVA

Colored grips EVA

12,00 €IVA incluido

Mango FCRG Rear Grip

 Rear Grip

29,80 €IVA incluido

Mango FCRG Split Rear Grip

Split Rear Grip

20,40 €IVA incluido

Musky Rear Grip

These new grips go great with our popular Revelation musky/saltwater blanks

7,20 €IVA incluido

Seaguide PR Carbon Grip Soft Touch

Seaguide Carbon Fiber Full Length Rear Grip CB3PR230-17

30,90 €IVA incluido

Seaguide Carbon Fiber rear grip Soft Touch

SEAGUIDE Carbon Fiber Rear Grip CB3TR76-20

19,90 €IVA incluido

Winn Full Rear Grip - Long Swell

20,45 €IVA incluido

Winn Saltwater AVS Straight Cylinder Grips - 1.25" OD

26,35 €IVA incluido

Winn Casting Swell Grip 4"

13,15 €IVA incluido

Winn Winding Checks

3,70 €IVA incluido

Winn Slim Light Rear Grip 3.5"

11,80 €IVA incluido

Winn Spinning Rear Grip 2.75"

11,80 €IVA incluido