7'10 2.38m 20-90grs

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longueur 7'10-238cm
Pcs 1+1 (butt joint)
Line 80lb
Lure (Oz- factory) 20-90g
Butt 19mm
Tip 3mm
Action MOD-F
Peso 280g
Color Satin Black
Lure (Grs) 20-90g
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Blank à chasse Par Hugues Lebeau le 27 de julio de 2016

Le top du top pour la pêche du thons et autres gros poissons sur les chasses. Une réserve de puissance démesurée et une pointe assez souple pour éviter les maux de dos.

Un canne qui balance bien Par Laurent Bexon le 23 de octubre de 2016

Bonjour à tous Cette canne m'a bluffé !!! elle balance vraiment bien et les combats sont confortable! Vous pouvez la voir en action ici


7'10  2.38 m,

two inequal parts, butt joint, comes with Keeper Ring R710

CW : 20-90 grs
Braid 50-80Lbs
Max PE 7
Max drag : 10 kils
Handle OD : 0.750 (19mm)
Handle lenght : 77 cm
Size : 1.72m
Tip : 3 (7.5) mm

Weight : 280grs

Advised tip size : MN 10-3

Designed and developed for fisheries on tuna hunting with lures (Design Mike Thorson), that blank combines a real capacity to launch and conduct small lures, and a reserve of sufficient power to fight 50 kilos Tunas and more,
After defining and validating the specification, it took a year of prototyping and 3 versions to get this product

When Rodhouse first contacted me you requested a very unique rod blank. It had to have a light weight tip action to throw live bait for Tuna, but must be able to handle fish up to 100lbs. or so. Needless to say this was a challenge from a design standpoint! Having a tip area light enough for live bait with not much weight, but then have the blank handle very large fish is quite a challenge!

               I looked at our current blank line up to see if I had anything remotely close to that type of action. We did not, but it did give me a baseline to start with.  The other unique thing you requested was that the handle area be .750’ in OD, and feature a ferrule for the tip to fit into(not over) We call this a tip into butt ferrule design. By making the butt smaller, plus making the tip fit into the butt meant I could not use the OD of the blank to provide stiffness( you can get stiffness 3 ways, blank OD, wall thickness and material type.)

               I knew I would have to incorporate at least 3 different types of material, plus use modulus positioning to achieve the desired action and strength. I chose to make the butt section out of 24 ton graphite with a special reinforcement at the tip of the butt section that runs 90 degrees around the ferrule region (about 4 inches) The reinforcement prevents the tip of the butt section from splitting under load. Now for the tip section: I chose to make it out of three different materials. The main pattern is e glass, then 24 ton graphite, plus 30 ton graphite. E glass is very strong and allowed me to achieve the light tip action. I then added both 24 & 30 ton graphite to provide the lifting power you needed to handle large Tuna etc. The tip section of this blank was pretty small in diameter so I had to use more 24 & 30 ton graphite than normal to get the power up there for big fish.

               I made the first proto type for you and it needed more lifting power, so on the other attempt I added a lot more 30 ton graphite(high modulus) to get more lifting power. I had to keep the break strength as high as possible so the blending percentages of the 3 materials had to be perfect. I can honestly say this was one of the most interesting blank designs I have ever attempted. Without the great collaboration from Rodhouse it would not have been possible.

Mike Thorson"

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