Blank SJ 604-1 SM

6" (1m82), 5-15g (max vertical 120g)

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Características del producto

longueur 6'-182cm
Model Spin Jig 604-1 SM
Color Raw carbon
Tip 4.8
Pcs 1
Brand NFC
Line 6-12lb
Lure (Oz- factory) 1/8-3/8oz
Butt 0.490
Peso 1.62oz
Lure (Grs) 5-15g (verti 120g)
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Butt measurement


Tip measurement






Recommended tip top guide


Power recorded (Rodhouse)

5-15g (max verticale 120g)


Blank measurement table

Distance from the heel (in cm) Blank diameter (in mm)
0 12.75
5 12.12
10 11.96
15 11.51
20 11.17
25 10.85
30 10.32
35 10.02
40 9.69
45 9.28
50 9.04


Disclaimer : All blanks can have small measuring marks. Do not forget to indicate your butt/reel seat distance to best fit your guide size.


Loved for vertical fishing in salt water!”

A blank designed to finesse fishing, that is an excellent value for money for vertical sea fishing. With a madaï, a tenya, a slow jig or even a soft lure on the lift, it gives the angler a great feeling. Its relatively progressive action makes it very untiring. Its power range is particularly difficult to characterise. One could almost say that it is a 20-150g... Above 100g, it remains effective, but is no longer as precise.


1How do I choose the right blank for me?

We invite you to watch our rodbuilding video tutorial series in the Tutorials tab from the site menu.

2 Which blanks are similar to this reference?

You can compare the characteristics of this blank via our Sorting Tool in order to compare it with all the references in our catalogue.

3How can you get an idea of its fishing action?

We provide you with The Comparator to give you an idea of the curves of the blank when it is flexed.

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