Blank RX6 RDR70M

7" (2.13m), 50-150g (verti)

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Características del producto

longueur 7'-213cm
Model RX6 RDR70M
Line 10-17lb
Butt 0.529
Tip 6.0
Lure (Grs) 50-150g
Color Gloss Black
Pcs 1
Brand Rainshadow
Action Moderate
Peso 1.9oz
Lure (Oz- factory) N/A
No hay ninguna característica para este producto


Rainshadow RDR 70 M Par FORUM RODHOUSE le 19 de agosto de 2021

Action fabuleuse, très progressive avec superbe retour qui permet de faire vraiment voler les jigs

Rainshadow RDR 70 M Par FORUM RODHOUSE le 19 de agosto de 2021

très agréable en jigging, et surtout très efficace sur le bar avec un jig de 60g dans 30m d'eau. - Pas encore essayé pour le maigre mais bonne impression avec un shad de 90g dans 20m d'eau. Résonance impressionnante pour un blank avec une action moderate comme celui ci





Butt measurement


Tip measurement





RX6 E-Glass

Recommended tip top guide


Power recorded (Rodhouse)

50-150 (verti)

Blank measurement table

Distance from the heel (in cm) Blank diameter (in mm)
0 13.41
5 13.26
10 13.11
15 12.91
20 12.63
25 12.36
30 12.10
35 11.81
40 11.58
45 11.33
50 11.07


Disclaimer : All blanks can have small measuring marks. Do not forget to indicate your butt/reel seat distance to best fit your guide size.



The RX6 E-Glass series is exceptionally versatile and perfect for a variety of trolling applications. Whether you're building for kokanee trout fishing, saltwater downriggers, salt/freshwater jigging, or live bait trolling, the uses are endless. 
RX6 Graphite is used more heavily in the lower end to add lifting power, while E Glass is blended throughout and concentrated in the mid nad tip sections for durability and to create the perfect progressive/moderate trolling action. 


The tip of the blank really makes the jigs fly!”

An excellent blank for fishing deep between 35 and 60m. It excels in vertical fishing with metal lures. The tip of the blank really makes the jigs fly. For this use, we recommend you to cut it at the butt at 1m98 (6.6"). In fight, it is a very progressive blank which does not tire the angler.


Spacing chart casting


Spacing chart adapted for a blank cut at 1m98 and a spiral casting.


1How do I choose the right blank for me?

We invite you to watch our rodbuilding video tutorial series in the Tutorials tab from the site menu.

2 Which blanks are similar to this reference?

You can compare the characteristics of this blank via our Sorting Tool in order to compare it with all the references in our catalogue.

3How can you get an idea of its fishing action?

We provide you with The Comparator to give you an idea of the curves of the blank when it is flexed.

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