Blank MB724-1 IM

2.18 m 7-35 GRS

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Características del producto

longueur 7'2-218cm
Lure (Oz- factory) 1/2-1-1/2oz
Butt 0.580
Tip 4.5
Peso 62g
Lure (Grs) 7-35g
Pcs 1
Line 12-25lb
Action X-FAST
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Lenght :7'2(2.18 m)
1 Pc blank
Line:12-25 Lb
Power casting : 1/2-1 1/2 Oz
Power casting (our mind) :   7-35 Grs
Butt-tip :(15.18mm-2.2mm =Verified tip top dimension)
Action : X-fast
Weight  : 62 Grs

Advised tip size : 5-2.2
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"

IM: The core material at NFC. Our IM provides a performance level that “punches above its weight,” while still having “everyday” fishing toughness. IM is a great choice for a wide range of blanks.


 Blank measurement
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
EFX MB724-1 IM 14.83 14.46 14.17 13.87 13.52 13.20 12.92 12.59 12.19 11.90


"Raw Carbon". All of our blanks come in what we call raw carbon—no added color, coating or weight. Our blanks are sanded with a 15-micron grit and then smoothly buffed. We feel that such a pure, unadulterated finish allows our blanks to perform at their unencumbered best.

The standard, or as TTW says, the "search for one". Where better to search for the "one" than in the Gary Loomis mag bass line? The 7' medium heavy is the stick everyone should have, we just list the others because after you cast our MB 705, you'll need the whole line.



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