Blank Cow Special GEN II

7'2 130lb

Blank sold alone or in kit (blank + handle + guides pack)

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Características del producto

longueur 7'2-218cm
Model Cow Special GEN II
Line 130lb
Butt 24.26mm
Tip 4.5mm
Action MOD-F
Peso 328g
Lure (Oz- factory) Max 300gr


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Cow Special GEN II

7'2 (2.18m)

Max Drag: 40lb

Line Rating : 130lb

Lure (our opinion) : 70-200gr

Action: Mod-Fast

Butt-tip : 24.26mm - 4.5mm= Verified tip top dimension

Blank Weight :11.5oz (328grs)


  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Cow Special GEN II 23.95 23.65 23.28 22.93 22.42 22.04 21.50 21.14 20.69 20.19


Specially designed for big Cow (Yellowfin Tuna) in 100~300lb range on long range boats. Also, great for jigging and popping for monster Yellowfin or Bluefin Tuna in 200~300lb range.
Tip is light enough to throw the light baits or lures, but mid-section of the blank has enormous backbone.
Cow Special 2nd Generation has more parabolic action than the 3rd Generation.


Our opinion : The Cow Special Gen 2 from Black Hole is a popping blank that has been developped to catch the biggest blue fin tuna.

When targeting big blue fin tuna with lures, the difficulty is not the distance cast but the fight. 

This blank is designed for anglers who want to put more than 15kg of drag.

Target fish : up to 50kg

In order to get the full power of the blank, we recommend a PE 10 braid and a 200lb shock leader.

This blank is also suitable for anglers who have a mixed livebait and lure program.

Compatible with all spinning reels.


Assembly advices : The fore grip is to be cut on the front part to the desired length and to be covered with the shrink tube provided.

The reel seat is to be wedged with plasterboard fiber tape or masking tape.

Tuff glue recommended.

Recommended spacing chart  from the tip top guide : 13 - 14.5 - 18.5 - 22 - 32.5

The 2 blank guides of the MN series are to be mounted reversed.

Standard length from butt to reel foot : 51cm.

The Fuji NOCP-D 012 thread is very close to the color of the blank and therefore allows to bring out the other colors of thread. (Wires not included in the pack).


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