Blank 546x250x80-GB

2.03m 25/40lb

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Características del producto

longueur 6'8-203cm
Model 546x250x80-GB
Line 25/40lb
Butt 0.546
Tip 16
Action MOD-F
Peso 454g


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Lenght :6'8 (2.03m)

action :Mod-fast

pieces :1

line :25/40lb

butt :0.546 (15.63mm)

tip :16 (7=Verified tip top dimension)

blank weight :16.90oz (454grs)


RainShadow SOLIDGLASS blanks are precisely manufactured to exact tapers. This series is engineered for extreme durability. Some would refer to this series as “Unbreakable”. Wildly popular from ice fishing to fresh or saltwater applications, this series is perfect for the most demanding need. The parabolic bend of these blanks keep the fish hooked up, even when it suddenly changes course and swims right for you. When the biggest factors needed are absolute brute strength and durability, this RainShadow SOLIDGLASS rod blank belongs in every angler’s collection!

• Solid FiberGlass Construction
• Precision Ground Tapers
• Moderate to Moderate Fast Actions
• Rugged Gloss Black
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


blank diameter (mm) from butt to tip each 5 cm
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50


13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90


couleur : Black Gloss


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