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Rod Blanks SJ 736-1 (X-RAY LMX)


North Fork Composites

2.21  m

15-40 grs

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SJ736-1 (X-RAY LMX) 

Lenght : 7'3 (2.21 m)

1 pc

line: 10-17 LB

Power casting (Manufacturer Data): 1/4-1 oz 

Power casting (our opinion) :  15-40 Grs

butt-tip 0.57-4.6  ( 16.00mm- 2.2mm=Verified tip top dimension)

Action : Fast

Weight : 2.29 oz / 65 grs

Advised tip size :  5.5-2.2
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"

Blank measurement :
5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50

SJ 736-1 (X-RAY LMX)

15.69 15.26 14.88 14.52 14.26 13.89 13.55 13.24 12.84 12.60

Our newest material HMx-ray is the latest edition to the NFC material family. HM because it’s the highest modulus currently available, x-ray because just like an x-ray machine helps you see things you normally would not, you can feel the slightest vibration with these blanks. These are the lightest, strongest blanks that we have ever manufactured.

· HMx-ray is 20% lighter than our existing HM (which is already insanely light!)

· HMx-ray is more sensitive, and while we understand that “sensitivity” is subjective, it feels like you are receiving a shock through the arm, the ultimate aim is to allow you to “see” underwater.

· HMx-ray comes with in un-sanded, flat matte-black finish, almost pear-like. Sanding blanks makes them softer, the action of these blanks is crisp.

· The resin in these blanks is specifically developed for the fishing industry, and stops crack-propagation (even if you impact the blank and create a microfracture which would normally result in a failure down the road, this amazing resin resists to continuing to crack, extending the life of the blank.

· HMx-ray is a scrim-less material, hoop is obtained by a very fine fiber slit into the other. This construction with a high modulus fiber allows the creation of an equal stiffness part, with less material.

· HMx-ray is currently available in six bass models, but it will get added to every product family that NFC has to offer

  • Model Mag Bass 739-1 SM
  • longueur 7'3-221cm
  • Pcs 1
  • Action F
  • Line 8-16
  • Lure (Oz- factory) 1/4-1
  • Butt 0.593
  • Tip 6.3
  • Color Matte Black
  • Weight 90g
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SJ 736-1 (X-RAY LMX)

SJ 736-1 (X-RAY LMX)

2.21  m

15-40 grs

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