No matter which type of fly fisherman you are and regardless of the type of fly fishing you prefer, we offer all kind of fly rod guides for your next project of rod construction. From traditional guides, to modern ceramic ring guides, we offer fly rod guides from renowned brands such as Fuji, Americ...


Whether you are searching for tip top guides for your new rod, or you need to replace a broken tip top on an actual rod, we have the best products from brands such as  ALPS & REC, including all sizes, color options and materials that you need for your next rod building project

Fly blanks

Whether you are constructing a traditional fly rod or a custom fly rod for Spey and Switch applications, we have an assortment of fly rod blanks that are ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing! Prices and options also contrast in order to accommodate the beginners to advanced techniques, prefere...

Fly grips

Fly fishing is all about the feeling. If the handle is not good for you, you will not fish right. You should also consider the different techniques (spey or switch), as well as the variety of applications for freshwater and saltwater fishing. That's why we have the biggest selection of handles f...

Fly real seats

The requirements of fly fishing reel for custom rod builders can widely contrast depending on the application; Traditional, Spey or switch. We are convinced that you will not only find a reel seat that will impeccably match your rod and reel, but you will also find one in a style and color that will...

Fly fighting butts

Rod House is one of the biggest suppliers of components for custom rod building, including handles, guides and reel seats from the biggest brands in the industry of rod building. We also offer components for all price brackets, skill levels and applications including freshwater, saltwater fishing or...

Handle Fly Kits

Check out our Fly Handle Kits, you will find the handle that will meet your needs.

Cork Ring

Make your own custom grips with our incredible selection of cork rings, direct import form Portugal ! Choose from several grades of cork  with multiple color options, at the lowest prices on the internet! If you often build cork handles, then save more money with our quantity discounts!

Winn Grips Fly