Porte-moulinet ALPS FLY taille 12

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fantastique Par Laurent keiff le April 10, 2014

tout pour le design ! une forme extrêmement réussie, et une qualité de construction sans égale. indestructible. évidemment, cela se paie en termes de poids : à 36g, ce n'est pas le PM de ceux qui recherchent la légèreté. mais qu'il est beau...


Lenght : 102.9 mm

ID : 13mm (0.512)

Weight 40gr

Front OD : 22.73 mm (0.895)


Length mm (in) (in) Front Hood (in)
Suggested Rod
Weight Usage
Suggested Cork Suggested Reel Seat Shim
102.9mm (4.05) 13.0mm (0.512)
**ID with trim ring
22.73(0.895) 8-12wt FW7.375CS-340/900


The ALPS™ design team came up with this ergonomic and unique triangular reel seat design for the saltwater market years ago. They recently downsized this patented technology to fit fly reel seat designs. The ALPS™ Triangle™ shape keeps all the reel foot pockets precisely aligned, and it prevents the hood from spinning loose on the body. Add two custom lobed locking nuts that allow the fly angler to lock the fly reel firmly in place, and you have a seat that looks like it came from the 22nd century. The ALPS™ Triangle™ fly reel seats are available with or without a recessed front retainer. Be the first to offer a rod with a seat from the future, choose an ALPS™ Triangle™ fly reel seat!


Key Features:

• Patented triangle shape "keys" slideband and front retainer to body so they cannot spin
• CNC machined for incredible tolerances
• Hard anodized finish
• Recessed front retainer models available
• Custom lobed nuts for easy tightening of reel to rod
• ALPS original design
• Nut features Delrin washer for smooth nut-to-nut and nut-to-slide band operation