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Poids Par Sébastien De MARCO le May 12, 2018

16: 3.90g


Urethane foam shims are a perfect fit when building your rod and fitting the reel seat to come in full contact with your blank. Designed for precise fit, the fully reamable shim provides a flawless marriage between rod blank and reel seat. The transfer of sensitivity is also increased due to the natural junction of the shim. Better than taping, the shim is 100% impervious to moisture, and the ease of use makes this the go to shim when building your rod. In turn it will give you peace of mind in the most critical stage of rod building.


• urethane foam shims 
• Simple to ream and provide a much better marriage between your rod blank and reel seat
• Impervious to moisture and easier than taping

Reference OD mm (in) ID mm (in) Length  
SHIM/16/SPIN 14.99mm(0.590) 6mm(0.236) 93.98mm(3.70)  
SHIM/16/WG 13.08mm(0.515) 6mm(0.236) 76.20mm(3..0)  
SHIM SKELETON16 15.50mm(0.590) 6mm(0.236) 65.00mm(2.55)  
SHIM TC14 100.00mm(3.937) 6mm(0.236) 14.00mm(0.551)  
SHIM/17/SPIN 16.76mm(0.660) 6mm(0.236) 102.87mm(4.05)  
SHIM/17/WI 12.77mm(0.530) 6mm(0.236) 86.36mm(3.40)  
SHIM/18/SPIN 17.27mm(0.680) 6mm(0.236) 114.30mm(4.50)  
SHIM/20/SPIN 19.43mm(0.765) 6mm(0.236) 120.65mm(4.75)  
SHIM/22/SPIN 21.21mm(0.835) 6mm(0.236) 120.65mm(4.75)  

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