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Brand CRB
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1.6" long fighting butts for split-grip handle assemblies. Available in your choice of EVA foam or portuguese cork. These grips have a built-in tenon to easily mount decorative butt caps like the CRB butt cap

Model Material Length I.D. O.D. (1) O.D. (2) Weight (gr)
SGFBTE-1 EVA Foam 1.60" 0.250" 0.850" 1.05" 4.90
SGFBTE-2 EVA Foam 1.60" 0.375" 0.850" 1.05" 3.20
SGFBTE-3 EVA Foam 1.60" 0.500" 0.850" 1.05" 2.80
SGFBTC-1 Cork 1.60" 0.300" 0.900" 1.05" 3.70