Blank RX6 SWT70MH-3M

7" (2m13), 20-50g

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longueur 7'-213cm
Model SWT 70 MH-3M
Line 12-20lb
Tip 6.5
Action MOD-F
Lure (Grs) 20-60g
Color Matte Gray
Brand Rainshadow
Pcs 3 (Put-Over)
Butt 0.654
Weight 3.9oz
Lure (Oz- factory) 3/8-1 1/4oz
No specifications available for this product


Surpuissante Par Monchy Edouard le May 2, 2014

un butt de folie, qui lui donne une puissance de fou. Sous estimée , c'est plutôt une 20-45 gr, mais son action mod-fast fait très bien le boulot. Elle est a réserver a la traque des gros poissons Point de vue pratique, elle est rentrée dans mon sac de voyage qui fait 81 cm de long donc pas besoin de rod-case

liste de montage par ed Par goulven dolle le October 12, 2014

ma liste de fournitures: donc le RX6 SWT70MH-3M pour les anneaux un Pack KR 7' Metal Alconite H pour le grip un Grip EVA long pour VSS 17 que je trouvais trop court du coup un bon coup de cutter en plein milieu et hop en v'la un split grip tout mignon pour le butt un EVABC20 pour le pm (j'ai fait ds le classique) VSS M17 BLACK HOOD pour le QL un Fuji KDPS-17 agrémenté d'un Eva Grip pour Quick Lock 17 (KDPS17) pour le bling bling (c'est une canne de vacances qd même :mrgreen: ) 3 bagues de finition pour quick lock 17 violette et du fil purple metallic





Butt measurement


Tip measurement





RX6 E-Glass

Recommended tip top guide


Power recorded (Rodhouse)


Space requirement



Blank measurement table

Distance from the heel (in cm) Blank diameter (in mm)
0 16.56
5 16.33
10 15.85
15 15.44
20 15.09
25 14.66
30 14.22
35 13.76
40 13.19
45 12.75
50 12.27

Disclaimer : All blanks can have small measuring marks. Do not forget to indicate your butt/reel seat distance to best fit your guide size.


The RX6 E-Glass series is exeptionally versatile and perfect for a variety of applications. Kokanee fishing, salt/freshwater jigging, live bait trolling, the uses are endless. We even offer three-piece travel models in this series with Medium, Medium Heavy, and Heavy power ratings. 

Blank graphite was selected on the lower end for sensitivity and to create the perfect action. Strength and durability are accomplished through E-Glass wich is blended into the tips. The RX6 E-Glass lineup is a balanced combinaison of accurate action and durability - a fisherman's dream. 


An excellent travel blank for Saltwater fishing !”

An excellent travel blank, for saltwater and Exo-light fishing in three pieces. It is originally intended for snook and big Redfish. Advertised by the manufacturer for 35g of power but it can take 50g without batting an eyelid. Don't forget to make reinforcement wrap on the female parts of the fittings. 


1How do I choose the right blank for me?

We invite you to watch our rodbuilding video tutorial series in the Tutorials tab from the site menu.

2 Which blanks are similar to this reference?

You can compare the characteristics of this blank via our Sorting Tool in order to compare it with all the references in our catalogue.

3How can you get an idea of its fishing action?

We provide you with The Comparator to give you an idea of the curves of the blank when it is flexed.


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