Blank RCLB 70 XL

action X fast, fiber glass tip vertical fishing 2.13m  50-150 grs

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longueur 7'-213cm
Model RCLB70XL
Line 12-25
Lure (Oz- factory) 3/8-1 ½
Butt 0.810
Tip 6
Weight 134g
Lure (Grs) 50-150gr


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Lenght :7' (2.13m)

action :Xfast

pieces :1

line :12-25lb

lure weight (manufacturer) :3/8-1 1/2 oz

butt :0.810 

tip :6 (=Verified tip top dimension) = 2.6mm

real lure weight :50-150 grs

blank weight :4.7oz (137grs)



Casting handle :


butt BC20B *1    
BS16-700 * 1      
TDPSD20 *1       
BSF6-625 *1       
XHW-B 16 *1       




blank diameter (mm) from butt to tip each 5 cm
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
RCLB 70 XL  20.55 20.25 19.88 19.64 19.22 18.82 18.66 18.07 17.81 17.32


couleur : Clear Gloss



10,60 €Including taxes

Butt BC

From 2,75 €Including taxes


EVA straight grips

From 3,20 €Including taxes


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Finish rings for split grip handle

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Top ring Série MN

Frosted Dark Gray Alconite/Titanium Sic/ Titanium Torzite/Frosted Silver White Alconite/Gold Sic/Polishec Sic/ Shiny Gray Sic

From 5,84 €Including taxes

Guide Pack Casting Spiral M

Pack Casting Spiral M 15-30LBS from 4'10 to 8'

From 18,31 €Including taxes

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