Blank CBVJ5810

5'8 50/100lbs 8-18 oz

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longueur 5'8-173cm
Model CBVJ5810
Line 50-100
Lure (Oz- factory) 8-18oz
Butt 0.602
Tip 11
Weight 158g
Lure (Grs) 200-500g


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Lenght : 5'8 (1.72m)

Line : 50-100 lbs

Lure weight : 8-18 oz (200-500 grs)

Action :  moderate

Butt : 0.602 (15.3 mm)

Tip : 11 (4.5 mm=Verified tip top dimension)

Recommanded drag : 25 lb

Max drag : 37.5 lb

Weight : 170 grs


Advised tip size : 12-4.5
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"


The most exciting new way to catch fish virtually anywhere in the world. These Mud Hole Exclusive Custom Builder Vertical Jigging rod blanks have been developed to withstand the stresses put on this new fishing application and handle anything you put on the end of it.

Experience this amazing new Jigging system with extremely light weight and powerful Custom Builder Vertical Jigging Blanks.

Prototyped and developed in the United States, these rod blanks are constructed from a carbon tape and multi modulus weave mixture along with a single ply of glass fabric.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Blank measurement
  10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80    
CBVJ5810 14.98 14.49 14.09 13.59 13.10 12.60 12.05 11.45    




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