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Butt BGKS :

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Poids Par yvan kuzbyt le March 28, 2014



Your choice of cork or EVA foam, designed to be used with Fuji SK2 split-grip reel seats, but can be used in any split-grip handle design.

Cork or EVA Foam | 0.250" ID | 1.625" Length | 0.500" OD

Lenght 10 cm whithout tenon

lenght tenon : 5 mm

small OD: 23.14 mm (0.914 inch)

Large OD :26.3 mm (1.035 inch)

ID : 9mm (0.355 inch)

 Dream butt EVA compatible with the dream butt caps

 Butt with tenon

fit with CCBC20 end butt

lenght : 4 cm (without tenon)

OD : 27 mm

ID :7.5 mm

 Model  Weight
 EVA  5gr
 CORK  6.4gr