ForeCast winding check hosels

BH :

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ForeCast winding check hosels are seamless for any saltwater or freshwater application. The ForeCast winding check hosel will find its home on your custom rod without breaking the bank. Constructed from a combination of high strength UV resistant rubber and PVC, you can rest assured that the ForeCast winding check hosel will provide that extra custom look. The BH06-BH08 feature a custom bell shaped hood design so you can not only use this in place of a fore grip, but join split grip and other design setups. Available in many sizes, finding the correct one will be simple.

BH06 8.20420 0.323 16.129 0.635
BH07 11.0998 0.437 16.764 0.660
BH08 12.7000 0.500 21.412 0.843
BH09 14.3002 0.563 22.987 0.905
BH10 15.9004 0.626 22.987 0.905
BH11 17.5006 0.689 22.987 0.905
BH12.5 19.7612 0.778 26.670 1.050
BH14 22.1996 0.874 30.480 1.200