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Rod Drying Tent


49,96 €

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If you’re tired of finding dust, bugs, and other contaminants dried in your epoxy finish, CRB developed the Tent Drying System in order to keep all that unwanted debris out. A total of 110” in length (2 x 55" segments when assembled), can fit up to 9ft rods. This tent is a basic "Dryer Box" that fits over your existing power wrappers, CRB aluminum base stations, and CRB single and triple rod dryers. Just assemble and drop it over - light weight for single person operation, windows to keep an eye on your rod when drying, collapses into a convenient carry bag for storage. 

The CRB Tent Drying System allows for a controlled environment so that your rod build can dry safely within the enclosed tent. Along with 6 conveniently placed viewing windows, the Tent Drying System keeps your rod accessible so you can keep an eye on your rod and if necessary, add more epoxy or adjust any guides before the rod dries completely.

The bottom of the CRB Tent Drying System is open so it can be placed over your rod when rotating in a rod dryer and removed (lifted off) when the rod is dry or touch-up is needed. 

The CRB Tent Drying System will completely cover rods drying in an American Tackle Power Wrapper, CRB Single and Triple Rod Dryers.

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Rod Drying Tent

Rod Drying Tent

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