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Rod Blanks Silverback 50lb


2.38 m


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Silverback 50lb

Length  : 7'10 (238cm)

1 Pc

Line: 50lb

Power casting (manufacturer data) : 

Power casting (our opinion) :  50-200 grs, 70 Lbs

butt-tip : 20.21mm-4mm=Verified tip top dimension

Action : Fast

Weight : 228 grs

Advised tip size : MNST 12-4
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"

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 Silverback 50lb 19.73 19.35 18.91 18.73 18.35 17.90 17.60 17.52 17.25 16.92

The Silveback blanks from NFC have being tested since now one year in USA Socal,  France Brittany, Costa Rica, fighting yellow tunas, big bluefins, cuberas, etc. Thoses blanks are manufactured in USA, Woodland. The name chosen for the series is “Silverback” due to the blanks unique blend of military grade fiber available only to NFC, resulting in a silver look as well as unparalleled strength. Their action is fast, without being too Xfast, wich allows them to cast a mile, staying comfortable when fighting sinking fishes. From the casting tests we made on the field,  Silverbacks Vs a lot of blanks & rods, with same reel and line, Silverbacks were always above average. Thoses blanks will be perfect to cast and live lures that gives the biggest pops and to stop the biggest fishes.

  • Model Silverback 50lb
  • longueur 7'8-234cm
  • Pcs 1
  • Line 50lb
  • Butt 20.21mm
  • Tip 4mm
  • Weight 228g
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Silverback 50lb

Silverback 50lb

2.38 m


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