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Rod Blanks CB 704-1 IM "CRANKBAIT"


2.13 m
10-20 grs

ERN :19.63
AA : 78.70

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156,67 €

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CB 704-1 IM
Lenght : 7' (2.13 m)
1 Pc blank
Line: 8/20 lb
Power casting : 5/16-5/8 oz

Power casting (our opinion) : 10-20 grs

Butt-tip 0.481-4 (13.15mm-2mm=Tip contrôlé)
Action :Moderate
Weight  :2.56oz  /  74 grs

Advised tip size : 4.5-2
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"


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  • Model CB 704-1 IM "CRANKBAIT"
  • longueur 7'-213cm
  • Pcs 1
  • Action M
  • Line 8-20lb
  • Lure (Grs) 10-20g
  • Lure (Oz- factory) 5/16-5/8oz
  • Butt 0.481
  • Tip 4
  • Weight 74g
Mate P


Guys, even it is designed to be a cranking blank, it is much more than that. Do not let the moderate action make you think it is a slow blank. it has a flexible tip which then followed by a good backbone, but all together works as a unit. Cranks is just one application. Lipless cranks..oh yes...this rod and its brother, the CB704SM can cast Sebile Flat Shad 66 to over 60 metres. But....this blank has also proved to be a very very good DROP SHOT blank too. Change the reel to a BFS style one, like mine a Chronarch 51e with a tunning shallow spool. Fill it with 8lb power pro and put even a size 14 feeder hook with a 1inch tiny pastic worm and a white plastic maggot with a 2g weight. shake it and catch zander and perch in times when they are not intersted in regular plugs or in plastics.. i accept that mb705hm is good. but this, as a rod, which can fish UL drop shot but also can cat and fish rapala dt20 which 25g and goes really deep. the only problem i had is to bring bigger catfsh up by force, lost few as it just did not want to come up and stones cut the line!

Philippe C

Un blank "hors du commun"

Un blank à crank "normal" c'est une nouille, un spaghetti trop cuit en fait. C'est volontaire, pour amortir les vibrations dans la canne, mais ce n'est pas marrant à l'usage, on s'ennuie à pêcher avec.
Gary Loomis a réussi, avec ce blank, à faire 2 choses antinomiques : amortir les vibrations MAIS en gardant un blank qui lance, qui joue au combat et qui sèche les poissons dans d'excellentes conditions.
Une pointe hyper mobile qui laisse à tous les cranks, PN, minnow (longbill et shortbill) une liberté totale de nage tout en amortissant parfaitement les vibrations, y compris des grands plongeurs, posée sur un talon surprenant de réserve pour un blank de ce type.
Je suis devenu addictif au crank depuis que j'ai monté ce blank, moi qui ne péchais jamais avec cette technique avant.
Attention, danger : ne pas toucher à ce blank, entraine une dépendance au cranking.

  • 7 out of 7 people found this review useful.

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2.13 m
10-20 grs

ERN :19.63
AA : 78.70

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