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Wrap Alignment Tool


29,96 €

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The Butt Wrap alignment tool streamlines the process of laying out and aligning even the most complex decorative wraps! The V-notch base cradles and centers the blank perfectly while the attached aluminum straight edge allows builders to line up the crosses of a butt-wraps on any axis.

Whether you are an expert doing intricate wraps or a novice trying your first diamond wrap the CRB-BWAT will help take your decorative work to the next level.

  • Easily lay out and align all decorative cross-wraps.
  • Features Molded Embossed 12" Ruler with 1/4" increments
  • Adjustable Aluminum Straight Edge
  • Can be used with blanks larger than .350" O.D.
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Wrap Alignment Tool

Wrap Alignment Tool

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