Blank RX6 SB 783

6.6' (1.98m), 10-20g

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longueur 6'6-198cm
Model RX6 SB 783
Line 10-17lb
Lure (Oz- factory) 5/16-3/4oz
Butt 0.570
Tip 5.0
Lure (Grs) 10-25g
Pcs 1
Action Fast
Brand Rainshadow
Gewicht 2.2oz
Color Clear Gloss
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une bonne réfèrence Par nicolas schillaci le 2. Februar 2015

J'ai monter ce rx6 sb 783 en casting pour le bass avec une palette de leurre assez large allant du popper au rubber jig en passant par les crank et les spinners . Plage d'utilisation plutôt bien évaluer , c'est un blank qui a une trés bonne réserve de puissance qui permet d'extraire de beaux poissons d'endroit encombré . Il n'est pas extrémement raisonnant mais ce n'est pas ce que je lui demande ;)





Butt measurement


Tip measurement





Carbon RX6

Recommended tip top guide


Power recorded (Rodhouse)



Blank measurement table


Distance from the heel (in cm) Blank diameter (in mm)
0 14.47
5 14.23
10 13.85
15 13.49
20 13.20
25 12.85
30 12.43
35 12.08
40 11.69
45 11.38
50 10.95


Disclaimer : All blanks can have small measuring marks. Do not forget to indicate your butt/reel seat distance to best fit your guide size.



The RX6 model lineup utilizes standard modulus graphite material. Fear not, RX6 graphite has evolved over time with enhanced fiber design and improved resin systems. In turn, our RX6 blanks have been significantly refined to offer enhanced sensitivity to feel every bite and added strength for brute lifting power. The possibilities are endless with this extensive lineup. From all-purpose large and Smallmouth Bass, Trout, panfish, Walleye, Pike and small Musky, fish confidently with the RX6 lineup of blanks.


1How do I choose the right blank for me?

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2 Which blanks are similar to this reference?

You can compare the characteristics of this blank via our Sorting Tool in order to compare it with all the references in our catalogue.

3How can you get an idea of its fishing action?

We provide you with The Comparator to give you an idea of the curves of the blank when it is flexed.


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