RA7 Alum Fly R/S 

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Reelseat RA701 Par Heino Denker le 21. Januar 2022

Very nice reelseat


Lenght : 96.52 mm

OD : 16.3 mm

ID :13.98 (0.550)

Weight 28gr

Front OD : 21.3 mm(0.840)


The ALPS™ RA701 is the single nut version of the ALPS™ RA701-L2. Designed for fly rods that fall between 2-6 weights, this seat is precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The nut used features angular cut knurling to enhance tightening ability of the seat. No finger slipping when you tighten this seat up. The slide band features an upgraded design for a more classic look, and the seat comes with a precision machined butt cap. It is available in two hard anodized colors, black and shiny gun smoke. This seat is perfect for the angler looking for an all metal seat on the next build.

Simple, functional, light weight, and attractive, those all describe the ALPS™ RA701-L2 fly reel seat. This has become one of the most popular fly seat designs ALPS™ has brought to the market. Machined from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum, it features dual locking nuts with custom angled knurling with delrin washers. The seat also comes with a trim ring to provide the professional clean look builders want between the reel seat and cork fighting butt. It is available in two hard anodized colors, black and shiny gun smoke. This is the perfect saltwater fly seat for rods that fall in 7-10 weight range.



Length mm (in) O.D.mm (in) I.D.mm (in) Front Hood
O.D.mm (in)
Suggested Rod
Weight Usage
Suggested Cork Suggested Reel Seat Shim
96.52mm(3.80) 16.3mm(0.645) 13.98mm(0.550) 21.3mm(0.840) 7-10wt HEFRHW7CS-250/865

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