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Blank F865-4 MHX

8'6  4 pcs Line #5

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longueur 8'6-259cm
Model F865-4 MHX
Pcs 4
Line #5
Butt 0.359
Tip 4
Gewicht 40g
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Par Monchy Edouard le 5. November 2012

Blank relativement rapide, diablement précis a courte et moyenne distance même avec un long BDL par contre, il faut faire attention aux pointes fines. Il demande une bonne technique de lancer pour l'exploiter au maximum. Bref un tres bon blank, pour ceux qui recherche une canne courte et rapide!!!


Weight : 40 grs

Action : Fast

Butt : 0.359 (0.91 cm)

Tip : 4 (1.6 mm)

High Modulus carbon

Advised tip size : XTCHFT 4
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories" 

blank measurements every 5 cm on all the 50 cm of the butt
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
F865-4 9.14 8.77 8.50 8.27 7.95 7.68 7.36 7.09 6.79 6.58



All MHX fly blanks are built with the same combination of High Modulus Carbon Fiber prepreg, proprietary high strength resin system and unmatched tapers to make them the Fly Rod of choice for the serious Professional Angler or the casual Weekend Warrior who demands smooth effortless casting combined with light weight and accuracy - all at unbelievable prices backed by our industry-leading quality guarantee.

These lightweight, yet powerful rod blanks provide the professional custom builder and hobbyist a dependable rod blank they can rely on for years to come. All blanks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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