Blank ETEF 906-4 CB

9'  4 pcs  #6

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longueur 9'-274cm
Model ETEF 906-4 CB
Pcs 4
Line #6
Butt 0.400
Tip 4.5
Gewicht 46g
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Butt : 0.400 (10.10)

Tip : 4.5 (1.57mm = Verified tip top dimension)

Action : XFast

Weight: 1.6 Oz ( 46 grs)

Color: Cobalt Blue


Advised tip size : XTCHFT 4.5
For a complete assembly kit, please refer to the "Accessories"

mesures de ce blank au pied à coulisse, en mm, tous les 5 cm en partant du talon
  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
ETEF 906-4 CB 9.89 9.74 9.44 9.15 8.88 8.6 8.38 8.11 7.86 7.59


Impeccable, Extraordinary, Unsurpassed, Revolutionary. The ETERNITY fly rod blank series is all of these and MORE! This flasgship series of fly blanks represents the finest combinaison of technology ans performance that thee Jaguar Design design team has ever created. 36 months in the design ans testing phase has paid off. Ultra high modulus rating RX9 graphite, combined with our exclusive nano compound Technology resin system and proprietary manufacturing ans processing, has made this our finest fly rod blank to date. They cast with surgical accuracy and have the ability to punch long casts, as well as landing a dry fly with a percision that has to be experience to be believed.


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