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Model longueur Pcs Action Line Lure (Grs) Lure (Oz- factory) Butt Tip Color Gewicht Width Depth Weight Länge Height View
FTX-69MH-B 6'9-206cm 1 XF 8-17 10-30g 1/4-3/4 15.15mm 2mm 42g View
FTX-71L-B 7'1-216cm 1 XF 4-10 5-15g 1/8-3/8 15.20mm 1.8mm 46g View
FTX-71MH-B 7'1-216cm 1 XF 8-17 10-30g 1/4-3/4 15.40mm 2mm 48g View
FTX-77MH-B 7'7-231cm 1 F 8-17 10-30g 1/4-3/4 15.30mm 2mm 50g View
FTX-77H-B 7'7-231cm 1 XF 10-25 20-50g 1/4-1oz 15.47mm 2.2mm 54g View