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Model longueur Pcs Action Line Lure (Grs) Lure (Oz- factory) Butt Tip Color Gewicht Width Depth Weight Länge Height View
Armata Lite 63 6'3-190cm 1 F PE 1.5-2.5 20.80g 9.15mm 1.4mm 40g View
MAMA BUSTER 6'-182cm 1 F 14-30 30-100g 3/8-2 0.462 6.1 72g View
Snapper Beast 84VS 7'-213cm 1 MOD-F 7-17lbs 30-120gr 10.50mm 2mm 52gr View
Statement 724 Original 7'2-218cm 1 F 8-14 5-25g 1/4-5/8 0.584 4.5 44g View
TUNA EXPRESS R710 7'10-238cm 1+1 (butt joint) MOD-F 80lbs 20-90g 19mm 3mm Matte Gray 280g View
1975 Deck Hand Special 8'-243cm 1 F 50lbs Max Drag 8kg 19.96mm 3.6mm 172gr View