Who wants to win North Fork Composites prototypes ?

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As a result of an increasingly close collaboration with North Fork Composites, Gary Loomis’ company, we recently received some protoype blanks from the Wizards of Woodland. The message was clear and simple : build them, fish them and tell us about them.

So we measured them, flexed them, weighed them. We kept a few for the team and some were sent to a couple of people for test and review. And to push the idea even further, we’d like YOU to test some. Here’s the opportunity for you to win a North Fork Composites prototype blank and become a tester. How ? By winning a little contest.

The idea is to reward the very best pictures that we’ll receive, whether from professional or recreational builders. Pictures will have to be connected some way or another to rodbuilding, and more specifically with Rodhouse. They may be pictures related to the building of rods itself, a big fish, rods in action, a great finished build and so on. Again, the rules are not very strict, but we’ll only pay attention to those pictures related to rodbuilding and Rodhouse. The contest is also open to Rodhouse pro staff (professional builders, competition team too).

You can reload pictures that you have already published on the forum, you can add effects to your pictures, you can do pretty much whatever you like. The idea is to share your pictures that are somehow special, and to participate – if you don’t send a picture, you’re sure not to win.

All we request as a counterpart is to be allowed to use those pictures free of copyright for our activities (flyers, website, adverts, shows and so on), and for the winners to have some proper feedback on the blanks they will have won.

As for the legal terms of the contest, well… there are none. We reserve the right to choose the best pictures according to our own taste, in the manner of old-school autocrats. There will be no voting, no council, no wearysome deliberations.

We haven’t decided on a deadline, but we’ll try to have it done by the end of springtime. Yes, it could be more accurate, but that’s how we roll. When we feel the contest will have to be closed, we’ll let you know with some notice, on this thread.

Here are the blanks :
10358 : 7’, Fast, 7-28gr. cw, high conicity, 0.581-2, 56gr, a great medium-light blank with serious capability to handle fish that mean business.
10388 : 7’, X-Fast, 15-40gr. cw, high conicity, 0.580-1.8, 66gr., a phenomenal all-rounder.
10407 : 6’10’’, Fast, 5-15gr. cw, 0.485-1.8 , 42gr. , 8-17 Lb, the kind of stuff light-tackle dreams are made of.
411 : : 8′ , Regular, 40-110gr. cw, 0.621-2.4, 104gr, 30 Lb, the perfect machine for casting big shads into orbit.
413 : 7’8, Regular, 40-150gr.cw, 0.600-2.6, 106gr, 40Lb, light exotic fishing, wreck-fishing, catfish, tuna, you name it !

Now, go build some rods, go fishing and make some pictures, please post your photos on the following thread:

viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4447 !