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Hi Guys/Lads,

Rodhouse recruits ambassador all over Europe !

You are a fisherman of course, whether in salt water, fresh water, lure or fly, all fisherman profiles interest us, as long as the passion for water is your engine! Poachers and fish dealers on black market are not welcome. The profiles wee are looking for are fresh, friendly and dynamic people, comfortable with the core values of sport fishing.

You are a rodbuilder, of course, because at Rodhouse all ProStaffers build their own rods. You know how to wrap a guide and ream a grip. You are a rodbuilder in the soul, you have understood that to build a rod is to have your mind away fishing when you are not phisically close from the water. Building a rod is to design a fishing tool, enhancing your understanding of the fishing, enhancing your fishing capabilities. You are a hardcore rodbuilder, passionate about its history, about everything that is invented, and everything we can put together.

You are a Rodhouse customer. You have ordered from us, you know how we operate, what is our quality of service, and you know that you could pridefully wear our colors.

You have a magical power! Whether it’s to make photos, videos, write and make a text alive, or to be comfortable on the social networks or on the web; you know that you have this little own thing, that will allow you to share and transmit your passion, to convey our image on the water. We want to work that magic together.

You want to join a cool and knowledgeable team, you want to live your fishing adventure more in depth. At Rodhouse, we fish and we live rodbuiliding. Prostaffers talk to one another, we communicate, we meet, we fully live the Rodbuilding experience in Europe. It’s new, it’s exciting and the atmosphere is pretty cool. There is surely a room for you in the Rodhouse team. And even if the magic doesn’t happen, we still get to know each other better. Isn’t that cool already?

Send your application to, a little presentation to describe who you are, how you fish, how you build rods, how you communicate. The idea is to let us know who you are, what your magical power(s) is/are, and get an idea of ​​whether we can work together.

See you soon, The Rodhouse Team.

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