How to fly fishing in a reservoir?

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New video : Reservoir rods

Follow Laurent Keiff and Florent Caignol during a fly fishing session at the Parc er Bihan fly reservoir!

Blanks for fly fishing in reservoirs

Discover their selections of blanks and handles to approach this technique in the best conditions.


An excellent blank for long distance casting with #6 lines, ideal size and power to tackle trout techniques in closed waters/reservoirs.


For #7 and #8 lines, a blank for unwinding loops and leaders over long distances. An excellent choice for marine or area fishing.


The S2 fibreglass allows us to offer an 8’6 blank with a mid-tip flex action that remains light and capable of keeping the tip bounce to a minimum.


Action :  Fast

Tip : 4.5 (1.68mm)

Butt : 0.4020 (10.43mm)

Weight : 58 grs


Action :  Fast

Tip : 4 (1.38mm)

Butt : 0.3963 (10.00mm)

Weight : 56 grs


Action :  Fast

Tip : 4 (1.35mm)

Butt : 0.3940 (9.91mm)

Weight : 50 grs

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