Carbon grips and handles : What are they ?

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What are carbon grips and handles ?

Until now, when it came to choosing grips to make a handle or a butt, only two choices of material were available: cork and EVA.

For a few months now, Rodhouse has been offering carbon grips and handles to enhance your setups:

carbon handle rodbuilder republic

But why choose these new grips? What are they made of? What are their technical advantages and disadvantages? Let’s review the parameters of these new and very promising grips…

Composition of the carbon grips

As their name indicates, these new grips are made of carbon; finally, a carbon sheath that comes to dress a wedging element that will be adjusted to the diameter of the blank.

carbon grip rodhouse

When the carbon grip is offered with its cushioning element, the latter is made of foam, an ultra rigid material, without elasticity, but also very light.

You will have understood: an outer shell in carbon without elasticity, a core in ultra rigid foam, the carbon grips are built with one goal in mind: to maximize the transmission of information, the vibrations of the blank.

Technical advantages

I must admit that I was skeptical about the first impressions left by the ProStaff Rodhouse on the use of these grips. So I tested them to make my own opinion. I heard about maximized sound, lightness, comfort. So I put together a Rainshadow IMMWS68MXF in vertical casting, a blank that I know by heart, intended for pikeperch fishing, a tactile fishery.

custom carbon handle

The mass

Yes, these carbon grips are light, about 20% lighter than their cork counterparts.


As soon as you want to maximize the sound of a blank, anything that attenuates the vibrations transmitted by the blank must be banned. This is where the use of carbon grips makes sense. It is simple, I rediscovered my 68MXF thanks to the use of these grips. The vibration transmitted is finer, more present. If it was already very good with the EVA grips, it is simply surprising with the carbon grips.

The ease of implementation

Adjusting the inner diameter of the foam core is much easier and faster than its cork or EVA counterpart. It even becomes a pleasure to prepare because it is so easy.

The comfort

Carbon grips come in different forms. Soft touch, raw weave, these grips are very comfortable whatever the temperature outside. They’re not cold in the winter, not hot in the summer. It’s just perfect.

It should be noted that the soft touch of North Fork Composites grips is just unique, very soft, very pleasant.

Endless possibilities!

The carbon grips available at Rodhouse come in various shapes, lengths and colors!

For the more do-it-yourselfers, it is possible to turn foam hearts, and come and varnish a carbon sock in order to create your own personalized handles.

You can find a complete tutorial on the Rodhouse Fanzone on Facebook:


In use, carbon grips are used to maximize feedback. However, there is one area where this use could be questioned: crank fishing. Indeed, cranks vibrate a lot and the use of a blank that has a tip capable of attenuating the vibrations of the crank is recommended. If you want to avoid having too much vibration in your hand, you should avoid using grips that maximize feedback.


The carbon grips are a guarantee of sound and efficiency. They are light, technical and very comfortable. They will complement a blank chosen for its sound and maximize your fishing pleasure!

Try the carbon grips and you’ll adopt them!

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