How to fly fishing in a reservoir?

New video : Reservoir rods Follow Laurent Keiff and Florent Caignol during a fly fishing session at the Parc er Bihan fly reservoir! Blanks for fly fishing in reservoirs Discover their selections of blanks and handles to approach this technique in the best conditions. FP1006-4 An excellent blank for long

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How to build up a feeder rod? (by Jnspecimen) – Part 1

With time and passions, it happens that certain aspects combine to form a wonder or a monster. I confess I’m not sure which of the two was born. I just know that my experience of feeder fishing coupled with my expertise as a rodbuilder prevents me from seeing a rod

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Choose your ATREX blank for carp fishing

A few months ago, the first Atrex blanks from American Tackle were referenced on Rodhouse in addition to the Harrisson blanks. Due to the popularity and quality of the blanks, the offer has been doubled. The different ranges of American Tackle blanks Atrex blanks are reliable, lightweight, well balanced, fast

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cover blank cutting

Impact of Blank Cutting on IP and AA

Intro and operating mode The aim of this experiment is to measure the effect of cutting a blank at the tip and then at the butt to see the effect on the power and the action of the blank. For this purpose, we used two strictly identical blanks. The first

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Carbon grips and handles : What are they ?

What are carbon grips and handles ? Until now, when it came to choosing grips to make a handle or a butt, only two choices of material were available: cork and EVA. For a few months now, Rodhouse has been offering carbon grips and handles to enhance your setups: But

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The crank blanks

Presentation of crank fishing The power fishing is an approach of the carnivorous fishing which is rather specific. The principle is to look for active fish and to offer them a reaction lure with the aim of triggering an immediate hit. We will cover a lot of ground quickly with

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So let’s be clear, we use what is called “gold leaf”, but in our case it’s actually “fake gold”… Real gold leaf can be found, it’s actually used in art cabinetmaking for sculptures, furniture “gilded with gold leaf” (the term in rigor), but it would raise the budget, while fake

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